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My Dissertation Journey #2

I have submitted my first draft of chapter one. With references it is at thirty-two pages. It will change significantly in my final submission. The first chapter is really my introduction and my historiography section. As I find more resources the historiography section will grow and I will be able to create other sections -…

My Dissertation Journey #1

As some of you know, I am writing my dissertation for my Ph.D. in History at Liberty University.  The starting of the dissertation has been a rough process, and I am in week 5, and my first draft of chapter one is being submitted today.  These first several weeks have been about narrowing my topic…

Constitutional and Legal Racism in Indiana: 1787 – 1870

            The State of Indiana was created in 1816 and was carved out of the Northwest Territory as established in 1787 by the Congress of the Confederation.  Indiana would become one of six states, along with Ohio, Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin, and part of Minnesota.  Part of the 1787 act created An Ordinance for the Government…

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